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{Quintessentially} Twenty Fabulous

Fledgling young adult trying to navigate life. Daughter of God. Girl loves Beyonce. Also see Fashion, GIFs, and Artsy things.
Dallas resident. Misssippi born and breaded. Nigerian blood.

Life Lessons from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Life Lessons from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I’ve been catching up on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and I’ve noticed there are some lessons to learn from this. Call me intuitive, or maybe I just want to have a deeper reason for consuming reality television trash. Which ever way, I have some gems for you. Maybe watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta can help you avoid the mistakes they are/made.

1. Never trust a man with a mustache only.

Mimi has…

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#StopKimberly2014 (or Lil Kim, you are too grown for this)

#StopKimberly2014 (or Lil Kim, you are too grown for this)

First, a heartfelt (translate:shady) note to Lil Kim.

Like, sis. Must you continue these shenanigans like you don’t have dry powdered milk to be delivering to your newborn via teet? Royal needs you. Your baby daddy needs you. ICDC might be looking for their next star. I just want you to do anything but come for Onika unless if she sends for you. Nicki has made it clear that she has 42…

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Music Monday Round Up

Music Monday Round Up

We’re back with a special edition of our Weekly Knowin. So much has been happening with women in music lately and we’re here to share the news with you!

Remy Ma’s Two Releases

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.39.48 PM

As you may know, Remy Ma was released from prison recently, but that’s not the only release she has going on. Remy Ma collaborated with DJ Khaled for the “They Don’t Love You No More” remix. Looks like she’s coming for…

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Electric Lady

We’re a day behind, but we’re very glad to see Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” video! I still listen to The Electric Lady album and it’s been out for almost a year.

As a sorority girl, I can appreciate the video. It’s very cute and Janelle looks great! She has her fro out!

Check it (and some cameos) out below.

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Remember When Wednesdays: Hot Hot Nelly

Remember When Wednesdays: Hot Hot Nelly

Let’s take a stroll back in memory lane.

Back to summer days of 80 degrees…

Back to wanting to be out until the street lights were on…

Back to when Nelly had that bandaid on his face and nobody was mad at that and dudes weren’t beating up their girls over smashing him…

Back, far back, to the ultimate summer anthem: Hot in Here.


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